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How did you prepare for this interview?

  • Be excited for a little bit
  • Have a celebatory beer/ice cream/chocolate bar/whatever
  • Email references to let them know they might get a phone call
  • Print off a couple copies of my resume and references in case the interviewers forget theirs
  • Put them in a folder of some kind to keep them from wrinkling
  • Figure out where the interview is and how I'm going to get there
    • I'm going to have to travel from New Brunswick to Halifax, so can I get a drive or take the train?
    • Who can I stay with in Halifax or should I book a hotel/bnb?
  • What am I going to wear?
    • Pants or skirt with top or dress?
    • Panyhose or none?
    • Flats or heels
    • Hair up or down
    • Makeup or none
    • What type of jewellery?
    • Is my eczema going to co-operate?
  • What are the names of the interviewers? Memorize them.
  • Who would I be reporting to? Try and figure out who they are and try to meet them.
  • Email the friend of a friend who works for them and ask some questions about the job and what they're looking for.
  • Email the friend who pointed you at this job to thank them and let them know you got the interview.
  • Message friends in Halifax to find out if they want to hang out while I'm there
  • Plan all the other stuff I need to take with me
    • Casual clothes, bathroom stuff, electronics
  • Read the library's website top to bottom.
    • Click on every link
    • Try their catalogue
    • Read some of their pamphlets
  • Find their annual report and read that
  • Figure out what tech they're using and read up on it
    • What catalogue system, discovery layer, CMS...
  • Re-read the cover letter I wrote and my resume because I don't remember what I said that might have attracted them
  • Bone up on niche subject matter or news of stuff involving the library's constinuancy
  • Reread the job posting
  • Look up common interview questions and practise them
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