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Topic: security

The Internet is Insecure

So what is the internet, really? It is not magic, although it tries hard to look like it. We don’t talk about the physical aspect of the internet often until something breaks, but understanding how the network works is key to understanding all the very many ways it is

Code4LibNorth 2014

This are my notes for the conference. Security and Privacy Activism, law, practises, & code Reality - Model - Feelings There's no such thing as completely secure, it is merely a matter of raising the cost of hacking you to the point where few people will bother. Being a person

Ew, malware! Why public computers at libraries are dirty in more ways than one.

As librarians, we all know the kind of grossness that must be residing on our public computers' keyboards. It's better just not to think about it. Unfortunately, the contents of our computers are just as unclean. This is a hypothesis in need of a research study and I don't have