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Topic: teaching

Zotero Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is presented as-is, designed for an assignment-based lab with first year undergraduate science students. Lines marked with [Q] are questions or tasks directed at students. Lesson Pre-requisites: Windows, OS X, or Linux OS (not Chromebook) Firefox, Chrome, or Safari internet browser (not IE) Internet connection Permission to

Library Instruction Tutorial

This is a lesson plan I put together in Fall 2015 to give to first year Biology students at Mount Allison University. It is spell-checked, but that's about it in terms of editing. I write talks like this colloquially, but in the end I usually don't actually say exactly what

Software Carpentry: Git

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a Software Carpentry for Librarians session as a mentor. I had attended a previous session intended for scientists back in June. While talking to the lead instructor, Greg Wilson, on Tuesday, I mentioned that there is now a GitHub client for Mac that